We offer state-of-the-art vending machines that will help your employees keep their energy level high

_just a click away

Meet employees needs with a variety of snacks in your vending machine and cater to a variety of consumer preferences.

Some of the most popular snacks people enjoy eating while on the break are Snickers bars because a lot of us crave this sweet, chocolatey treat mid-day, Pop tarts when we miss our breakfast, Granola bars as a healthier option and the unavoidable Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Our snack machines are filled with all the snacks you need, even those ones you never thought you craved, but now can’t resist. Therefore, we can provide you with a modern, 24/7 complete snacking solution for your workplace, with a wide range of options available. Furthermore, we will make every effort to meet any special requests!
Our snack machines are filled with all the snacks you need and those ones you never thought you needed, but now you can’t stop eating them.

By providing your employees with a snack machine,
they won’t feel the need to get out of the office,
because this time a snack is just a click away.
Their energy levels will remain high throughout the working day,resulting in greater engagement.

_Vending machines


• Capacity in a limited space
• Flexible and fully customizable layout
• Window display with LED lighting
• Numeric keyboard with capacitive touch for product selection
• Anti-vandalism coin introduction
• Easy-to-use delivery bin


• Elegant and minimalist design
• Large product window with optimal product visibility
• LED lighting for products
• Large graphical display
• Pull out delivery bin
• Front to front air circulation
• Slide in, slide out cooling unit
• Virtual and combine selection options


• Touch selection and control are simple and easy to use
• Eye-level digital display screen
• The design is stunning and elegant
• Electronically controlled cooling unit
• Temperature settings that can be adjusted digitally
• You can pay in coins, notes or with a credit card

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